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Dunga Derby vehicle rEQUIREMENTS

Scrutineering will take place on Sunday 22nd of July 2018*, in RSL Hervey Bay car park. 

All vehicles will be required to attend scrutineering so that Dunga Officials can check that your vehicles meet the mandatory requirements as outlined below.

*Date and venue may change. Please check emails for regular updates on dates & venues of events.


Dunga Vehicle

Any vehicle manufactured before 2007. There is no are restrictions for "Cruiser Class".

Vehicle Registration

Vehicles must have current registration covering the period of the event. Current registration papers and Department of Motor Transport certificate in those states where applicable must be shown at scrutineering or a copy sent to the organisers.

Handy Hint:  If your vehicle has a production date of more than 30 years ago you may be eligible for a concession on your registration with the Department of Transport & Main Roads under their Special Interest Vehicle Scheme. If this applies to your Dunga, head to www.tmr.gov.au and look under concessional registration or drop in to see them.

Vehicle Insurance

All vehicles must be insured for Third Party Property Damage covering the period of the event. A copy of your insurance CERTIFICATE OF CURRENCY must be presented at scrutineering or a copy sent to the organisers. This is an additional policy which must be taken out in addition to the Compulsory Third Party with your vehicle registration.

Please note: Third Party Property Damage Insurance is NOT the same as Compulsory Third Party Insurance that comes with vehicle registration. It is also worth reading your insurance policy wording (PDS – Policy Disclosure Statement) to ensure you aren’t excluded from cover during the Rally. Most Insurers will allow coverage for a Non-Timed Charity Rally Event but you are better to be sure by asking the insurer the question straight away rather than finding out after an incident that you aren’t covered.

Seat Belts

All vehicles must have seat belts for all passengers. The belts should be either full harness or lap/sash.

40 Channel UHF CB Radio

All vehicles must carry an operating 5w UHF radio. 5 Watt Handhelds are permitted but fully installed units are preferred.


A clearly visible rotating amber light(s) are compulsory for safety when driving in dust and should be mounted as high as possible on the vehicle and visible from both the front & rear. (If luggage is going to restrict the view from either the front or rear, we suggest you consider fitting two amber lights.)

Vehicles are to use a ‘yellow’ flashing light only during the event and must be turned off when the vehicle is travelling on bitumen. NO RED, BLUE, GREEN or PURPLE lights are to be used.  As of October 2005 to prevent confusion with emergency vehicles, it is illegal to operate red forward facing, or any blue lights on vehicles.


All luggage must be secured.

Fuel Range

All vehicles to have a minimum fuel range of 450km

Number Panels/Decals

Each car will have a number issued by the organisers and all vehicles will be issued a decal for both left & right front door. Car identification numbers must also be affixed the decal and to the top right of the rear window of your vehicle. These numbers must be minimum size of 12cm (black for the door and white for the window) Rally for a Cause / Dunga Derby sponsor decals (supplied) are also required to be placed over the vehicle as directed on supply.


It is important to have an accurate tripmeter. Route instructions will be given in kilometres. As the route notes are prepared from a GPS system, it is recommended a similar unit be used. GPS odometer apps can be downloaded free for mobile phones or tablets (IPad & Android) which are fitted with a GPS. (search your apps for “odometer”). These are accurate, however an auxiliary power supply and mounting bracket for the phone or tablet is recommended.

Towing Points

All vehicles must be fitted with front and rear towing points affixed to the chassis of the vehicle. Tow points must be able to connect a snatch strap or tow rope with a shackle. Tow balls must not be fitted to the vehicle.

Basic Tool Kit

An assortment of screwdrivers, shifters, small ring & open ended spanners, pliers, side cutter, duct tape, electrical tape, hammer, cable ties & some WD- 40.

Camping Gear

We will provide the camp site with access to amenities but you will need your own camping gear to sleep in. Swags are very popular as they do not take up much room in/on your Dunga and are quick to put up and down.

Spare Wheel

Fire Extinguisher

Safety Triangle

First Aid Kit

20L Water Container



It is recommended that all vehicles be fitted with off-road type tyres and that Dunga vehicles take two (2) spare tyres.

Fuel Tanks

An extra fuel tank may be fitted provided this tank is ADR compliant and certified. Additional fuel may be carried in jerry cans (SAA Approved) but cannot be stored in the passenger compartment and must be tied down. All vehicles will be required to have sufficient fuel for a four hundred and fifty (450)-kilometre range.

Roof Rack

Your team is responsible for all your gear. Your clothes, personal effects, camping gear, beer fridges etc. Roof Racks are an easy way to ensure you have enough room for all your gear. Just make sure it is well mounted.

Cargo Barriers

It is recommended to have SAA approved cargo barriers fitted to all station wagons and vans.

Sump Guard and/or underbody shielding

The sump guard should cover from the front of the engine to the rear of the gearbox (excluding the extension housing) and should be mounted so it can be easily removed.  The petrol tank can be protected from stone damage ie an insertion rubber cover.

Additional ground clearance.

Some of the roads we travel may have quite a few bumps and extra ground clearance will save your Dunga on many occasions. It is also recommended you head for a brief road trip while fully loaded. Once you add your camping gear and fridges for those essential beverages, you will lose height.


  • See the boys at Bob's Tyres Hervey Bay and Marybough for a free tyre check.

  • See Trevor at T&S Automotive Pialba for Dunga Check.

  • See the Service Team at at Wide Bay Motorgroup in Maryborough for your free Dunga Check.

  • See the Chameleon Group for additional Stickers and Signage.



The disclaimer must be signed by all participants before the event. No signature, no start.


All vehicles will be scrutineered by the organisers before the event and must comply with the checklist.

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